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As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Operation H.O.P.A. (Help Our Performing Artists) has been created to expand our current programming to provide social emotional support to our students through the performing arts.  Our students experienced feelings of isolation, suicidal ideation, academic challenges, and loss of loved ones adding strain and stress to their lives. Due to the impact of the Pandemic, Trinity Conservatory of Performing Arts’ mission is to provide a safe space for the performers to learn and grow in their craft, provide performing arts as therapy as we continue to cope with the health crisis, and support through health and wellness workshops. The essential goal of “Operation H.O.P.A.,” is to obtain a performing arts facility that will allow us to continue offering pre-professional level performing arts classes and mentoring to our students ages 10-18.

Dance 4 Funds

Help us make a difference.

Saving one performer at a time. 

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